A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

6 MP, RFID reader, keypad

Varenr: 127322

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station combines a fully featured 6 MP security camera with high-quality, two-way audio communication and remote entry control. It also has an integrated RFID access control reader. By providing both surveillance, visitor management, and employee accessibility, AXIS A8207-VE increases the efficiency while keeping down the number of devices at the door. Analytics, such as motion or sound-based detection, is supported. Based on open standards and with several hardware interfaces, AXIS A8207-VE easily integrates with other systems and solutions and is prepared for future needs. Interaction is intuitive and accessible, with an induction loop for hearing aid.

> 6MP wide-angle camera

> High-quality audio with noise/echo cancellation

> Multiple hardware interfaces: audio input/output, relays, HDMI output, RS485

> Easy integration with SIP, VAPIX, and ONVIF

> Analytics support

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