Fujinon Varifocal Lens 8-80 mm, DC-iris


Varenr: 128037

Varifocal IR-corrected lens with DC-iris. For use with both C-mount and CS-mount IP cameras, thanks to the included adapter.


Axis fixed network cameras are equipped with carefully selected lenses to provide the best possible performance and durability. A wide variety of different CS mount lenses helps meet different surveillance requirements or specifications such as resolution, focal length or aperture. The match between a lens, the camera sensor and the mechanical design is crucial for the performance of a camera. Axis offers tested and approved optional CS mount lenses allowing for greater surveillance flexibility while maintaining excellent image quality. The CS mount portfolio includes i-CS, P-Iris and DC-iris lenses, ranging from wide-angle lenses, with barrel distortion reduction, to telephoto lenses.


> Tested and approved by Axis

> Targeted at specific needs

> Excellent video quality

> Lenses for extreme light sensitivity

> Day and night lenses

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