19-inch marine display

Varenr: 119778

"19-inch sunlight readable display, 5:4 aspect ratio (1280x1024), glove-friendly multi-touch,
LED backlight, DVI-D/VGA, RS-232 and RS-422/485 serial ports, AC/DC dual power, tape bonding"

      • 19-inch display
      • Color calibrated for ECDIS compliant
      • SavvyTouch Controls™
      • Built-in selectable RS-232/422/485 interfaces
      • Multi-power supplies (AC & DC)
      • IP54 (front)/IP22 (rear) rated
      • Optical bonded and touch panel models available on request
    • Introduction

      The MD-219 series of marine displays comes with full range dimming, wide viewing angles and optional optical bonding. These displays are built with a small-profile modular design that allows easier integration into industrial marine systems, reducing deployment costs and overall time-to-market.

      The innovative and user-friendly Savvy touch display controls offer several unique features not found on any other marine display console: a proximity sensor for convenient adjustments in dark conditions, an info button for immediate updates on hardware status, and a quickswitch to adjust between day, dusk, and night-time ECDIS modes (for color-calibrated ECDIS models only).


      The MD-219 series displays are compliant with IEC 60945, DNV, and IACS E10, verifying their resilience and durability in maritime conditions. Their IP54 rated enclosure provides additional protection against dust and moisture above and beyond the limits established by these international standards bodies.


ECDIS-approved models are also available, offering an excellent HMI solution for ECDIS charting and navigation stations.

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