Industrial 802.11n wireless AP/client

Varenr: 120051
Features and Benefits 
• IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compliant
• Up to 300 Mbps data rate
• MIMO technology increases data throughput and range
• Supports client-based Turbo Roaming
• One Gigabit Ethernet LAN port
• Higher noise avoidance protection
• Supports 802.11 dynamic frequency selection (DFS) (Pending)
The AWK-1131A industrial wireless AP/client meets the growing need for faster data transmission speeds by supporting IEEE 802.11n technology with a net data rate of up to 300 Mbps. The AWK-1131A is compliant with the industrial standards and approvals, covering operating temperature, power input voltage, surge, ESD and vibration. The two redundant DC power inputs increase the reliability of the power supply. The AWK-1131A can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands and is backwards-compatible with existing 802.11a/b/g deployments to future-proof your wireless investments.
Improved Higher Data Rate and Channel Capacity
• High-speed wireless connectivity with up to 300 Mbps data rate
• MIMO technology to improve the capability of transmitting and receiving multiple data streams
• Increased channel width with channel bonding technology
• Supports flexible channel selection to build up wireless communication system with DFS (Pending)
Specifications for Industrial-grade Applications
• Redundant DC power inputs
• Integrated design with enhanced protection technology to gain higher noise avoidance level
• IP30 compact size aluminum housing
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