ioLogik R1210-T

RS-485 remote I/O, 16 DIs, -40 to 85°C

Varenr: 129334

Ethernet remote I/O, M12 connector, 4 DIs, 4 DIOs, -40 to 85°C operating temperature.

Features and Benefits

• Dual RS-485 remote I/O with built-in repeater
• Supports the installation of multidrop communications parameters
• Install communications parameters and upgrade firmware via USB
• Upgrade firmware through an RS-485 connection
• Wide operating temperature -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

The ioLogik R1200 Series RS-485 serial remote I/O devices are perfect for establishing a cost-effective, dependable, and easy-to-maintain remote process control I/O system. Remote serial I/O products offer process engineers the benefit of simple wiring, as they only require two wires to communicate with the controller and other RS-485 devices while adopting the EIA/TIA RS-485 communication protocol to transmit and receive data at high speed over long distances. In addition to communication configuration by software or USB and dual RS-485 port design, Moxa’s remote I/O devices eliminate the nightmare of extensive labor associated with the setup and maintenance of data acquisition and automation systems. Moxa also offers different I/O combinations, which provide greater flexibility and are compatible with many different applications.

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